TMJ Treatment in Edmond

Dr. Al Sakka consulting a patient about TMJ Treatment options.

Cutting-Edge Treatment for TMJ Problems

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw joint, connects the lower jaw to the skull. It is responsible for jaw movement and enables chewing, talking and yawning. Misalignment of the jaw, compulsive clenching of the jaw, injuries and missing teeth can lead to TMJ disorders (TMD).

A poorly functioning TMJ can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including tension headaches, jaw pain, earaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Dr. Al Sakka treats TMD issues by using non-surgical treatment that can alleviate such problems.

Dr. Al Sakka doing manual palpation to evaluate a patient's TMJ condition.

Custom Treatment Plan

Our doctors will take a 3D CT scan to determine the cause and severity of your TMD. For some patients, treatment could require only a filling or crown to provide relief. For most patients, a bite guard or splint (a nightguard-like device that is custom-made for the patient) will help.

Image of a patient receiving X-Rays.

Once a diagnosis is made, Dr. Al Sakka creates a customized treatment plan to adjust your TMJ for optimum alignment.

He most often uses a custom-made appliance, similar to a mouthguard, to reposition the jaw and jaw joint so they can function properly. In this way, the muscles can relax, and pressure on the jaw joint is relieved. This improves 90% of cases and can provide you with relief.

Dr. Al Sakka consulting patient about treatment options for TMJ.

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