Dental Bridges in Edmond

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Durable, Natural-Looking Dental Bridges

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A bridge is a series of connected crowns that replace one or more consecutive missing teeth, restoring the form and function of your smile. A bridge spans the gap left by the missing teeth, with the outer crowns supported by natural teeth on either side. Dental bridges are an economical, relatively quick option for tooth replacement and do not require surgery.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Dentist

Dr. Al Sakka standing next to a piece of high-tech dental equipment.

As a prosthodontist (a specialist in restoration of the teeth), Dr. Al Sakka is very well trained and experienced in the creation and placement of bridges. He uses a top-quality lab and the best materials to ensure your bridge is durable, aesthetic and natural-looking.

In order to receive the crowns that hold the bridge in place, the teeth that are adjacent to the missing teeth will need to be shaved down. Dr. Al Sakka has a conservative approach and will only do what is absolutely necessary and will take great care to preserve as much of your own natural tooth structure as possible.

We strive to make the entire process as comfortable as possible for you. At Dental Specialists of Edmond, we do not use goopy impression material when making your bridge; we use a high-tech intraoral scanner to get detailed impressions digitally—a much more comfortable process! Our intraoral scanners use a wand with a tiny camera on it that takes thousands of pictures of your mouth and teeth. The scanner captures all the same areas that are captured with the goop. This benefits patients in many ways: it’s precise; you can take breaks in the middle of the impression if you need to; and there’s no mess!

Dr. Al Sakka showing a patient how an intraoral scanner can capture high-quality images the inside of the mouth.

After preparing your teeth where the bridge will go, we will fit you with a natural-looking temporary bridge while your final one is being crafted. We will then send your impressions to our trusted lab, where experienced technicians will craft your final bridge under Dr. Al Sakka’s supervision. When your bridge comes back from the lab, it is cemented into place, and Dr. Al Sakka will make any final adjustments to ensure a proper alignment and comfortable bite.

Implant-Supported Bridges

Dr. Al Sakka offers traditional bridges, as well as implant-supported new teeth and can recommend the most suitable option for your needs, goals and preferences. Because they are affixed to dental implants, implant-supported bridges provide added stability and comfort and help to preserve your jawbone against degeneration.

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