Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Restore Your Mouth to Full Health and Beauty

Various factors can cause decay, cracks or other damage to teeth. Accidents, gum disease, not going to the dentist for a prolonged period of time and other conditions can result in a mouth that hurts and makes you feel embarrassed about your smile.

Depending on the patient, full-mouth rehabilitation may include one or more procedures, such as gum disease treatment, root canal therapy, extractions, bone grafting, dental implants, dental bridges, porcelain veneers or dental crowns. A full-mouth rehabilitation can restore your mouth to full health and function and allow you to smile again with confidence.

Expert, Experienced Treatment

As experts in the replacement and restoration of teeth, the team at Dental Specialists of Edmond provides complete full-mouth rehabilitation to return your smile to full health, function and beauty. We use advanced technology and cutting-edge treatments to provide aesthetic, long-lasting smiles.

As specialists, Dr. Al Sakka and Dr. Koticha are well qualified to perform complex teeth and mouth restorations. Full-mouth rehabilitation requires knowledge of occlusion, biting and chewing systems, jaw structure and function, as well as the artful crafting of replacement teeth. All of this falls under our specialty training in periodontics and prosthodontics.

Dr. Koticha and Dr. Al Sakka planning the Full Mouth Rehabilitation for a patient.

Comprehensive Evaluation & Treatment Plan

The most important part of a full-mouth rehabilitation is a correct evaluation and treatment plan. Our doctors do a thorough examination of your teeth, bite and gums, which includes X-rays and 3D CT scan, as needed. They go over your options with you and answer any questions. The doctors then develop a customized treatment plan designed to restore an aesthetically pleasing smile and proper bite. They review the plan with you, explaining the process in detail so there will be no surprises.

Full Treatment in One Office

A full-mouth rehabilitation can include a number of procedures, but the good news is that, at Dental Specialists of Edmond, we can do it all under one roof. Patients don’t need to go to multiple offices. Because our doctors work together in the same practice, they can plan treatment for what’s best for you and base it around a schedule that is convenient for you.

Doctors with a panoramic x-ray machine.

Natural-Looking New Teeth

With extensive knowledge and training in aesthetics and oral function, Dr. Al Sakka is adept at rebuilding natural-looking smiles. He uses high-quality materials and top dental labs to give you the best result possible.

Benefits of a Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Poor dental health and function have been linked to many serious health conditions, including stress, diabetes, inflammation and heart disease. Not only can they prevent you from eating the foods you enjoy and that keep you healthy, but missing teeth can lead to bone loss in the jaw and eventual collapse of your facial structure. A full-mouth rehabilitation can prevent these problems and restore comfortable and healthy oral function.

Comfort Is a Priority

Drs. Koticha and Al Sakka and our staff are committed to your comfort during every phase of treatment. We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment for accurate and efficient treatment. Pillows and blankets are available, and if you need more help relaxing, you can opt for oral or IV sedation.

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