New Teeth in One Day in Edmond

Dr. Al Sakka in a consultation with a patient for New Teeth In One Day treatment.

Replace Failing, Damaged Teeth or Dentures With a Beautiful, Durable New Set of Teeth in Just One Day!

New Teeth in One Day enables people who have a mouthful of missing teeth, dentures or teeth that are broken-down and beyond repair to smile and eat with confidence again. Highly experienced implant specialists Dr. Al Sakka and Dr Koticha have been providing patients with full arches of stable, lifelike and permanent implant-supported replacement teeth for over a decade with this comfortable, single-day procedure.

How New Teeth in One Day Works

The two doctors work as a team to provide this life-changing treatment. Dr. Koticha strategically places implants into the densest areas of jawbone available to provide maximum support for a full arch of  strong and beautiful new teeth. Dr. Al Sakka then makes the new teeth that attach to the implants as one unit so the load is evenly distributed and chewing power is strong.

Illustration for an implant-supported full arch of teeth.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Key to Drs. Koticha and Al Sakka’s successful New Teeth in One Day treatment is their use of cutting-edge 3D imaging and implant-planning technology. Using their cone beam CT scanner and special implant-planning software, the doctors obtain detailed 3D data of your entire mouth and jaw area and are able to essentially perform the whole implant placement procedure in the computer before you sit down in the dental chair. Focusing on each of their specialties, they then perform your procedure knowing exactly what will happen step-by-step along with the expected outcome, so there will be no surprises.

Doctor evaluating a 3D x-ray with a patient during a consultation.
3D X-rays are used to identify the best areas of dense bone in which to place the implants.

An Efficient, One-Day Procedure

On the day of your surgery, Dr. Koticha performs any necessary tooth extractions and then places the implants using a customized surgical guide placed over your gums to ensure complete accuracy and efficiency, as well as the longevity of the restoration. Immediately following the surgery, you will receive functional and attractive provisional teeth from Dr. Al Sakka to wear while the implant sites heal.

Durable, Highly Aesthetic and Fully Functional Permanent New Teeth

In a few months’ time, once the implants have fully integrated with your jawbone, you will receive your beautiful final teeth. Dr. Al Sakka uses the highest quality materials and works with top labs to create the final teeth from long-lasting, lifelike materials. These full arches of new teeth are strong, durable and feel and function like natural teeth. Because they are permanently attached to dental implants, the final teeth restore nearly 100% natural chewing power, enabling you to once again eat the foods you love and that can provide proper nutrition.

Patient Education and Comfort Are Key

You will meet with both Dr. Al Sakka and Dr. Koticha, and they will fully explain the New Teeth in One Day procedure and patiently answer any questions you may have.

Throughout your treatment, the doctors and staff will work hard to ensure you are comfortable. Dr. Koticha also offers oral or intravenout (IV) sedation to ensure your complete relaxation during the procedure. With IV sedation, patients usually have no recollection of their surgery afterward; they just wake up with a brand new smile they are proud to show off.

Image of a dental assistant placing a blanked over a comfortable patient.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Teeth Replacement

  • The entire procedure can usually be completed in one day, including any extractions, implant placement and attaching the new teeth.
  • Nearly everyone is a candidate for treatment, regardless of bone loss.
  • Restored chewing ability keeps the bone stimulated, preventing bone loss and eventual collapse of the lower part of the face.
  • Patients get back nearly full natural chewing power.
  • The new teeth can be maintained with regular oral care.
  • Patients receive stable, fixed-in teeth that never need to be removed.
  • The procedure has a proven high success rate.
  • Quality of life and self-confidence are immediately improved.
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