Real Patient Stories

Portrait of a patient who received Bone Grafting and Dental Implant treatment.

“I am very pleased with the services I received at Dental Specialists of Edmond. Dr. Koticha offered a very detailed consultation regarding all the procedures and answered all my questions. He is very friendly, very professional, a good listener and very caring.

"I am so happy with the quality of dental work I received. I had almost no pain after the procedure, and everything healed so nicely. The quality of dental work is outstanding, and the treatment was less expensive with a shorter healing time than was offered at different dental offices.

“The whole experience has been very positive and the best I have ever had in a dental office. I am so happy that I came here for a second opinion!”

— Galina, Bone Graft & Implant

Portrait image of a patient who received Dental Implants.

“When I first met Dr. Koticha and Dr. Al Sakka, the condition of my teeth was not good. I had most of the upper back teeth missing or broken and the lower teeth were also chipped off. My impression about both doctors is that they are very professional in their approach, always keeping in mind the pros and cons of the treatment they plan. They keep the patient well informed of the outcome and the economics of the treatment plan.

“Dr. Koticha is dedicated to his work and tries to resolve any issues that come up. I am very comfortable with Dr. Al Sakka and his consistency in taking care of his patients and their follow up.

“Dental Specialists of Edmond is a very nicely built clinic, has very cooperative staff members and is flexible with appointments. After my treatment, I feel a great difference in my eating and chewing, and my teeth look like they did originally!”

— Tahir, Dental Implants

Portrait image of a patient who received Implant-Supported Dentures.

“In all respects, including feel, appearance, use and care, it is like I regained the natural teeth that I had as a young man. Dr. Al Sakka is highly competent, kind and listened to my questions and concerns. The practice is well-planned for efficient and comfortable delivery of their specialty dental services.”

— Rick, Implant-Supported Denture
Portrait image of a patient who received New Teeth In One Day treatment.

“I had my teeth removed due to an underlying illness. I endured at least four years of pain and embarrassment with no solution in sight. The bone where those teeth used to be was deteriorating. Eventually, a dentist referred me to Dr. Al Sakka. As a respected and professional prosthodontist, he accepted my challenge. I really like his level of knowledge and how he thinks outside the box.

“Dr. Al Sakka successfully implemented a plan for a '6 on 4' fixed/permanent appliance. My smile is back. My appetite is back. My confidence is restored. Thank you, Dr. Al Sakka!”

— Benton, 6 on 4 Dental Appliance

Portrait image of a patient who received Periodontal Disease Treatment.

“The service was amazing. My doctor cared for me greatly and explained my procedure as we went along. I got to see all the work that was being done on the television screen as it was being done.

"The doctors are friendly and give excellent service while also being transparent and holding themselves accountable. I like the technological advances in the practice and their excellent service. The staff were also extremely pleasant and provided excellent service.

"I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process from the moment I walked in the door until the moment I left. As a result of my service, I have healthy teeth and gums and a beautiful smile. I get compliments on my teeth and now have peace of mind."

— Dawod, Periodontal Disease Treatment

Portrait image of a patient who received TMJ Treatment.

“When I first came to Dr. Al Sakka, I had an advanced case of TMJ disorder as well as missing teeth that needed replacements. Dr. Al Sakka started my long-term treatment and, within a day, I started feeling better.

“Dr. Al Sakka and Dr. Koticha are professional, knowledgeable and patient. Their main concern is the comfort and health of their patients. They are kind and determined to do their best, aiming for the best possible outcome. My positive experience with Dr. Al Sakka and Dr. Koticha made their office my first choice for dental care for me and all members of my family.

"This practice is clean and bright and has very kind staff and brilliant dentists. Dr. Al Sakka and Dr. Koticha performed all the needed procedures to cure my 'chronic' TMJ and gave me the fillings and successful implant I needed. I highly recommend both of them for superior dental care.”

— Mona, TMJ Treatment

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